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Anne Sorensen

Reverie   2.jpg
Flight Of Fancy (2).jpg
Anne Sorensen Skies. Glass.jpg
The Strawberry Thief 2.jpg
Anne Sorensen. Blue Pair.jpg

Anne Sorensen has been a professional glass artist for 30 years. Moving from Tasmania to Western Australia in her early twenties, she is amazed by the comparison of the differing landscapes. Much of her work is influenced by contrasting environments. Her process begins with the background, colouring the glass with hand-applied powders. Another layer of glass is then fused over the original piece. After the first firing, glass powders are applied through a silk screen. Depending on the image desired, this process may be repeated with multiple screens, firing each portion of the image separately. Lastly, the shape of the glass is changed by firing it over a mold. These pieces may sometimes be fired up to twelve times to produce complex multi-coloured work, with each firing taking 20 hours.

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