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Christian Arnold

Christian Arnold_Dragon_Tattoo_1.jpg

Christian Arnold, born in Heidelberg, Germany, spent his childhood years growing up in the small German village of Gemmingen, surrounded by farmland. In 1983, he moved to Australia with his family and settled in Melbourne. All his life he was surrounded by the arts; his father was a consummate scientific glassblower and his mother an adept of many different craft disciplines, such as German folk painting, watercolour painting, book binding, and paper construction being just some of the multitude of her talents.

In 1991, he began to study the discipline of scientific instrument making in glass with his father and after gaining a solid grounding, he struck out from the scientific glass field into more artistic endeavours two and a half years later. In 1997, he began tertiary studies at Monash University and concluded them in 2002 at RMIT. Since then he has produced a plethora of work for exhibitions, galleries, and commissions, nationally and internationally.

In 2006, he opened Nudibranch Art Glass Studio with his partner Laurie Young, at the Meat Market Arts Precinct in North Melbourne, Australia.

Chris is interested in promoting and developing the flameworking movement within Australia and internationally, He welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate to the public, and educate the viewers in this particular technique of glasswork.

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