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Emily Whitton

Emily Whitton is a glass artist, based out of her beautiful studio nestled in the valleys of White Hills in Northern Tasmania. Through her own enterprise, Popglass Jewellery, she designs and makes colourfully unique fused glass jewellery.

After graduating from the University of Tasmania's School of Art in 2001, she followed in her dad's footsteps into the glass art world. First working as his apprentice and then developing her own designs, Popglass Jewellery was born. She is greatly inspired by the Australian creative scene. Having had a stall at the famed Paddington Market in Oxford Street, Sydney, Emily was able to immerse herself in her surroundings of artists and craftspeople. It was a fantastic platform to introduce Popglass to the world and offer many special pieces that have been made with plenty of good vibes, hard work, and passion.

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