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Tony Trivett

Born in England, Tony Trivett migrated to Australia in 1967. In England, Tony served a six year intensive apprenticeship as a Scientific Glassblower at Fisons Scientific in Loughborough.


Upon arriving in Australia, Tony worked at the University of Adelaide as the Chief Glassblower and later relocated to Tasmania and accepted the same position at the University of Tasmania. After over a decade, Tony resigned to devote his time to designing and making his range of beautiful perfume bottles.


Each bottle is a one-off, unique piece. They are exquisite, collectable, and hand-made by a master craftsman. Tony skillfully manipulates borosilicate tubing and rods by hand over a flame, bringing to life each bottle and stopper.  Beautiful markings and patterns are created by the application of coloured oxides; bases of the stoppers and throats of bottles are each ground to fit snugly, ensuring no evaporation of any precious scent stored.

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