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Robert Wynne

Robert Wynne is a pioneer of studio glass in Australia and continues to push the boundaries, creating unique and arresting glass pieces. His diverse collection of work is world renowned, juxtaposing playfulness with technical precision to evoke meaning and emotion that moves beyond aesthetic beauty.


Robert studied Visual Arts at Monash University, majoring in Ceramics, before going on to complete a Master’s Degree in Glass at California State University. On returning to Australia, he went on to establish the Denizen Glass Design Studio in 1991. Aiming to expand the hub of dynamic glass artists’ work in the city, the studio has provided a launching point for many of Australia’s well known glass artists, including Ben Edols, Kathy Elliott, Matthew Curtis, Richard Whitely and Bettina Visentin who are now enjoying international acclaim and has contributed much to the current popularity of Australian glass art.


Over the years, Robert’s preoccupation with forms has followed many diverse constructions in his sculptural work and this is combined with a concentrated attraction to surface treatment and precise iridised surface patterning. Each piece is blown freely, without the use of moulds, primarily from a recycled, optical brilliant glass that has been specially formulated at his studio.

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