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Rick Crossland

IMG_20220417_150859 (1).jpg

Rick Crossland is a self-taught Tasmanian artist. In 2021, he made the transition to full-time artist after a busy career of 36 years as an agronomist. He prefers to paint from life and outdoors (en plein air), a genre made famous by the French Impressionists. Despite the challenges of plein air painting—fickle weather and curious passers-by—Rick is a master at capturing the light in the Tasmanian landscape through his simplified palette and loose, bordering on abstract, brushwork. His landscape work is completed on location, with only minor adjustments back in the studio. His subjects are diverse; he paints landscapes, seascapes, and urbanscapes, often with figurative content and portraiture. Light and life with a hint of narrative are central themes in his work. Rick has exhibited and sold his paintings through galleries in Tasmania since the early 90’s. He also does commissions.

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